UX Design Internship
YouTube Watch UX Team
In Summer 2019 I had the awesome opportunity to work on YouTube’s Watch UX Team. While there, I designed and pushed for the release of a feature, Chapters (launched 2020). I hope Chapters helps people navigate to the content that matters to them faster :)
pstttt... Googlers can check out my work at go/timetravel
Build the future of in-video navigation features.
YouTube sets the standard in many cases for how the video watching experience should be across the web. What comes after double tap to seek?
What if we could give users
more context during navigation?
Chapters helps watchers scrub to
marked video timestamps with ease.
Made for learning calculus, podcasts, baking cookies,
3 hour long LOTR soundtracks, and more...
Thanks YouTube :)
Thanks to my team for making this internship awesome and to my manager, Eddie, for being the best~