Effortless access to the messages you care about.
Our messaging applications contain a wealth of information out of reach. Recollection allows effortless access to the messages you care about by non-intrusively adding tools for saving and quickly re-accessing content.
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From Research*
Survey Data...
In a survey, participants reported using instant messaging to...
• 65/81 “refind something”
• 61/81 “remember something”
* If you want to learn more about my research on instant messengers check out my paper or check out a video I made about the results.
Refinding Messages
Today is a Pain in the 🍑
14/14 Research interview participants were dissatisfied with the current state of refinding messages using searching and scrolling techniques.
Bringing Search to the Front.
Recollection makes search accessible from all levels of the user experience. No more searching in settings- simply drag up!
Automatically Surfacing Related Messages
“The Bin” auto-surfaces messages based on your current conversations and so you can find what you are looking for without even asking.
🖤 Your Favorite Messages
Double tap any message to give it priority later.
Artifact Based Queries aka “Search Related Messages”.
A word is just a word. A message contains rich meta data—people, dates, words, reactions, locations etc that can drive more powerful search and recommendations.
Design System
UI gives priority to content.
Not Just a Project.
While you can’t actually download Recollection(yet), this project has been a cornerstone in defining my research and design interests.

It guided me to a year long study to understand how people use instant messaging for things other than communication, and it fostered a love for designs that help people make sense of their personal data.