Hey, I’m Claire. Thanks for stopping by :)
For me, the joy of being a designer comes from the power of combining both an emotional and logical perspective in problem solving, and ultimately, creating products and experiences that touch other people’s lives for the better.

In my free time, I like playing badminton, challenging my sister in spider solitaire, and eating delicious foods.


Georgia Institute of Technology - Atlanta, GA

Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design | Minor in Computer Science

Had a good time coding games in Unity, designing VR controllers, making interactive light exhibits with Processing, depth sensors, and spandex. Undergraduate research with the Institute for People and Technology (2020-2021). President of Badminton Club at Georgia Tech (2018-2019).


YouTube UX Design Intern  -  Google Inc, San Bruno CA   |   May 2019- August 2019

Summer internship on the YouTube Design team tasked with improving the Watch Experience for YouTube’s 1.5B users across mobile and desktop. My project focused on the problem of helping users quickly and easily find the specific content they want to watch within a video. Update 2020: Project is live!

·     Explored vision and design for the future of video navigation

·     Created rapid prototypes demonstrating interactive experiences in the context of real user journeys

·     Presented research and designs to YouTube design leads and executives

·     Collaborated with Product Managers to bring project to YouTube’s future product roadmap

Laserlike UX Design Intern-  Laserlike Inc (Acquired by Apple Inc, May 2019)   |   May 2018- August 2018

Tech startup in Mountain View, CA focused on delivering high quality information and diverse perspectives on any topic from the entire web to consumers via mobile apps and email.

·     Redesigned Daily News Summary Email for production users

·     Developed rapid prototypes of new product explorations (Invision/Maze)

·     Conducted user research on strengths and weaknesses of current product portfolio


Personal Information Management X Messaging Apps  

Independent Study working with Leila Aflatoony   |   Fall 2020 - Present

Have you ever used a messaging app for something other than communication? Have you used it to remember an address? Or maybe a birthday? Or a recipe? Deeply inspired by my project Recollection, this human behavioral study seeks to uncover and understand the motivations we have in using messaging applications for information management.

Game Play in People with Mild Cognitive Impairment and Their Care Partners

Undergraduate Research Assistant under Maribeth Coleman   |   Spring 2020 - Summer 2020

Working with an interdisciplinary team of researchers to understand how to make enjoyable and empowering video games for older adults living with Mild Cognitive Impairment and their loved ones. Originally hired to make graphics, my role has evolved to include prototyping, developing study protocol, as well as helping run interview sessions.

MCI X Adherence

Undergraduate Research Assistant under Maribeth Coleman   |   Fall 2020 - Summer 2020

Working to understand how to develop home products that help adults living with Mild Cognitive Impairment and their partners. I aid in research sessions as a live doodler for virtual interviews.