Interactive Light Textiles
A project exploring non traditional user interfaces.
Mostly just an opportunity for me to play with depth sensors, Processing, and Spandex! Don't tell my professors 🤫
Iteration #1
My first prototype in my tiny dorm room apartment. I had a cheap projector and was using a blanket from my bed.
Iteration #2
Duck-taping a shower curtain I stole from the school to a corner of a classroom with no windows.
Side Note:
My project was anything but glamorous. I needed a dark room to work in and classrooms and my dorm would not work. The cheapest material to build a dark room out of was trash bag... and so the journey to build the trash bag fortress began. By the time I got home everyday I smelled like trash bag material. 🤧🤧🤧
Iteration #3
Taking cover in the trash bag fortress, I finally had the power to actually calibrate my program. I loved the idea of being in a pitch black space, reaching out to touch something stretchy, and then light springing from your fingertips!
Iteration #4
I started playing with new light interactions and had a lot of fun exploring different reactions to touch. I got feedback from my classmates that they felt hesitant to put a lot of pressure on the fabric so I increased the sensitivity of the program.
Revisiting the project some time later, I needed to redesign the experience for a room that was not totally dark. I created a clean structure and a program that could be enjoyed and observed by more people in a brighter space.